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Luigi Vittorio Cittadini is an award winning Italian French product designer, born and raised in Casablanca (Morocco) and now based in Valencia (Spain). He got his bachelor in Industrial Product Design (2011) and his degree in Design & Engineering (2013) at Politecnico di Milano (Italy).

His background starts immediately after working in two important Milan studios: Atelier Mendini and Studio Giovannoni.

Hence the will and the need to propose his ideas, he started presenting his first products during the design weeks in Milano (2016). First collaborations were with brands from other continents and then moving on to more stable collaborations in various European countries, with which he was able to try his hand at designing furniture, chairs and lamps and win awards such as the "Golden Pin Design Award", the "Must Have" Poland, been selected for Bolig Magasinet Design Favorites 2023 and, last but not least, the prestigious "Best of the Year 2022" Award by Interior Design Magazine in the "Seating Contract Collection" (New York, December 2022). 

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Foto: Pedro Orihuela Orellana




BISOTÉ                                   Chosen to be part of "Les découvertes" of Maison&Objet (09/11)
1875-2025                               Finalist on Formabilio contest (02/14)
Me&MiniMe                            Finalist on Formabilio contest (06/14)                                                                                                                          
PACIFIC WAR                         2° on Re-Define The Space contest and special mention "Commercial Potential"   (07/15)                                                                                                              
TELAIO                                  Winner of Golden Pin Design Award (12/17)                                                                                                          
CLUSTER                               Winner of the LUXY Design Contest on (05/18)                                                                                       
VELO                                     Selection 2020 by MUST HAVE Poland  (03/20)                                                                                                   
GATTICOLA                           Special mention on CONNUBBIA Conn|test for PET category (01/21)                                                                   
CLUSTER                               Winner of  Interior Design Magazine Best of the Year 2022 Award in the "Contract Seating Collection"  category (12/22)
AROUND THE WORLD        Selected for Bolig Magasinet Design Favorites 2023  Denmark (06/23)  
Curious                                    Selected for Bolig Magasinet Design Favorites 2023  Denmark (06/23)  

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